Alexandra and the Dragon

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Alexandra and the Dragon
By Bethany Wallace

3f, 2m 
Take the best seat on the bus. Rule the school. Get revenge every time you’re bullied. Isn’t there a better way? Being a 5th grader comes with big responsibilities. When Alexandra stands idly by as Eddy the new kid is bullied, she and her alter-ego “Lady Alexandra” set themselves on their most dangerous quest ever! While searching for a lost prince who was kidnapped by a fire-breathing dragon, Alexandra tries hard to stand up for Eddy. Along her journey she meets unlikely allies that help her become a positive bystander and uphold the three R’s: Recognizing, Refusing and Reporting bullying.

Education Goals:

  • Recognizing, Reporting and Refusing Bullying
  • How to be a Positive Bystander
  • Starting a Conversation

This play is also available as:
Alexander and the Dragon
By Bethany Wallace

"The topic of student bullying was entertaining and yet sent a clear message to students about what their options are when confronted in a similar situation.  The students were clearly making connections with the characters and their problems."    -- Marcia Lankriet, Oakwood Elementary

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