Allies Ahoy!

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Allies Ahoy! 
by Bethany Wallace and Nathan Kessler-Jeffrey
3f, 2m

It’s adventure on the high seas! After bullying the new girl at school, Dominic dreams of being marooned with pirates on a desert island. At first it seems fun, but when the pirates bully Dominic and throw him in the brig, he finds allies in surprising places. The parrot Jolly Roger and reformed pirate Captain Skalliwag teach Dominic to Recognize, Refuse and Report bullying behavior, and Dominic begins to empathize with Lizzie, the girl he’s been bullying at school. Will Dominic remember how to control his temper and empathize with others or will he continue to reject Lizzie’s offer of friendship? Watch Allies Ahoy! to find out.

Education Goals:
  • Recognizing, Refusing and Reporting Bullying
  • Emotional Management and Empathy Training
  • How to be an Ally

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