Allies From Outer Space

Allies From Outer Space
By Bethany Wallace

3f, 2m, also available as 2f, 3m
Jeepers creepers, the aliens are coming to school, and they never shower!  So goes the rumor mill when a Reptai spaceship makes an emergency landing on earth.  While waiting for repairs, the Reptai queen on board sends her daughter to the local school to scope out whether the rumors she's heard are true: that humans are intolerant of differences and use their technology to bully others.  Will the students at Galaxia Elementary treat Princess Komodo with respect despite her tail and webbed fingers?  Or will their bullying behavior lead the queen to take drastic measures again bullying and wipe out earth's technology...for good?

Education Goals:
  • Accepting Differences and Diversity
  • Recognizing, Refusing, and Reporting bullying
  • Confronting Prejudice
  • Using Technology Responsibly
"The play ties in very nicely with our school's bullying prevention efforts and use of the Steps to Respect curriculum." --Dan Davis, Meadowdale Elementary 
Photos on this page by Tanya Barber

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