Camp Super Friend

Camp Super Friend
By Bethany Wallace

3f, 2m
Marvel may be a superhero, but that doesn’t mean he knows how to be a super friend…yet. At Super Camp, the summer camp for superheroes, Marvel discovers it’s a lot harder to make friends than he thought. With some helpful advice from his dad, and the assistance of his camp counselor, Marvel learns what it takes to make and be a good friend.

Meanwhile, the evil Professor Nemesis has come up with a sinister plan to strip all the superheroes of their powers. It’s up to Marvel and his new friends to use their special gifts and work together to save the day.

"Growing up comes with many pressures that we forget--or rather, try desperately to block out--in our adult lives. As children navigate a sea of judgmental, territorial peers, they sometimes come across special hazards known as bullies. Bethany Wallace's play addresses this subject in a fun, kid-friendly way."  --Allison Duda, Designer

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